WS Boogie and Competition Hungary - International WS Cup and Hungarian Championship

MBSE (Hungarian BASE and Skydiving Sport Club) was third on the world (after Germany and Russia) who organized a worldwide competition in wingsuiting in 2007, in this fresh new discipline of skydiving. From 2007 we are organizing this spectacular event every year around end of July or beginning of August, for those who are addicted to human flight. The event shortly became (considering the number of competitors) one of the biggest present skydiving wingsuit competition on the world! 

We provide every year free First Flight Courses, wide range of demo suits to test fly, safety discussion and free consultation at site with experienced flyers and instructors from around the world during the event. On the event all of the Hungarian wingsuit pilots and several experienced wingsuiters from around the world attending every year. Big ways and safety training are usually held by an invited international professional flyers. Both non wingsuiter skydivers and spectators warmly welcome during the event.

The competition: The goal of the competition is to find out the flattest flying angle (longest distance) during free fall, is possibly done by competitors. The flying distance is measured with GPS units, fixed on the helmet or hand of jumpers. During the competition days maximum 10 competition jumps allowed to do, minimum 4 must be done. The average angle of the best 3 flights counts. Exit altitude: 4000 meters, window for scoring is between 3000 and 2000 meters (over DZ level).  In years 2007-2009 jumps were done from L-410 airplane, from 2010-2013 the event took place on Siófok-Kilti DZ, from 2014 the event moves back to KaposDZ, Kaposújlak. Competitors can attend 4 different categories from 2013.


1, NAKED TRACKING: For males: maximum one short (not longer then knees). Females: maximum one short (not longer then knees) + bras allowed (but not recommended-)
2, TRACKING: every kind of tracking or normal skydiving suit which not considered as a wingsuit, under the category of Prodigy (decision of the organizers).
3, WINGSUIT, intermediate and open category!

The 4 categories will be scored and prized separately, female and male jumpers will be judged together. Special prize goes to the best female wingsuiter! All jumper can attend is all categories. Registration fee covers all 4 categories.

PRIZE MONEY IN CASH for the winners of wingsuit and tracking category!
Medals for the first 3 competitors in each category.
Other prizes: T-shirts for all competitors with the logo of the event (who made at least 4 valid jumps) + medals for the winners of Hungarian Championship.

Location, dates:
2007 - 12-15th of July - Kaposújlak, KaposDZ
2008 - 10-13th of July - Kaposújlak, KaposDZ
2009 - 30th of July - 2nd of August - Kaposújlak, KaposDZ
2010 - 5-8th of August - Siófok-Kiliti DZ
2011 - 10-14th of August - Siófok-Kiliti DZ
2012 - 09-09th of August - Siófok-Kiliti DZ
2013 - 02-12th of August - Siófok-Kiliti DZ
2014 - 01-10th of August - Kaposújlak, KaposDZ
2015 - 24th of July-1st of August - Kaposújlak, KaposDZ

Registration fee for the competition (2013): 6000.HUF/20 Euro
On the DZ, separate registration needed. For this registration fee and details please see the actual competition plan. All visitors are warmly welcome to attend. Jumpers out of competition are also welcome to jump with all licences, for them registration needed on DZ.

Jump tickets : Check actual info letter

Conditions: According to the Hungarian regulations for wingsuit jumping, holding minimum FAI C licence is necessary for Hungarian jumpers. Foreign jumpers are expected to apply the regulation of their own country. For tracking category FAI B licence, for naked tracking minimum FAI A required. Helmet, audible altimeter, wingsuit specific parachute, blue FAI licence and reserve packing documentation needed.

Other programs, possibilities:
- Balloon jumps every morning and evening (in case of good weather)
- Wine and palinka tasting
- Outdoor parties every night
- Small soccer court on grass
- Small pool for chill out

Accommodation possibilities:
In DZ rooms or hotels and pensions near to the DZ.

Catering: Self catering. Warm meal for breakfast/lunch/dinner, cold food for all day and drinks will be available in the bar and 2 restaurants of the DZ.

Info, contact:
Organizers: Szörényi Csaba, +36-302804854 (

Our best sponsors, supporters:
INTRUDAIR Wingsuits, Red Bull, Szörényi Winery, MESZ, MBSE