WS Boogie Hungary - 2007

The first Hungarian Wingsuit Boogie and Competition took place in Kaposújlak drop zone between 12 and 15 of July 2007. It was a really important milestone in wingsuit flight, since this field of skydiving made a round worldwide only in the last some years. Wingsuit flight is counted as quite young sport in Hungary as well. That’s why such a competition pushes a lot for its acknowledgement.

In the light of the above mentioned, it was especially joyful that many foreign competitors entered into the contest who together with the large Hungarian team created a serious field. The participants spent together 4 memorable days and showed their knowledge during this competition that maybe exceeded all the expectations. The event needed at least a half year long arrangement and beside the enthusiastic MBSE team a lot of supporters played significant role in the success, like the sponsors, the dropzone that ensure the spot and aircraft, and those people who added something to the common work.

The competition
About half of the 32 competitors were Hungarian, the other part of the team arrived from the United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Netherland, Croatia, Italy, Serbia, Slovenia and Sweden, mostly acquaintance, but there were some new faces as well. During the first and second day of the competition the jumpers performed test jumps; everybody just tried their wings… However, as the Saturday evening (the end of the competition) came on, the fight sharpened for the GPSs and the judge tent became more and more busy – where the competitors went only for cold drinks till then. Everybody was all excited because of their results and browsed the scoreboard of the jumps. Of course, feelings run high, as many competitors started the last day with 0 score, though according to the competition rules, all jumpers were required to do at least 4 appreciable jumps for being in the final rank.
Although, thanks to the tail wind, the best results could be reached on Thursday and Friday, many people fought for better place till the last take-off and the very last moment– in the most part uselessly... So, Saturday passed in competitive spirit, still the atmosphere was really friendly and nice and at the time of announcement of results everybody got loud hurray, from the winner till the last placed. Csaber, the speaker added a lot to the energy with his transfigured party style working.

Beyond the competition
Maybe it is not a surprise, but the 4 days were not only about the competition. The nights turned into wine tasting and serious drinking which usually ended in great parties, establishing the excellent power of the following day. Of course, the best party was the Saturday night award ceremony, where pro DJs played the music, moreover, thanks to the Go Fast, night drag racing and drift show drew the people, so there was a huge turnout around the field.
Other nice programs also could get among the jumps and parties. Balloon jumps and flocking jumps of 4-8 people took place every dawn and evening. In latter, Jarno Cordia from the Netherland could provide a great assistant and guide and gave a detailed presentation about wingsuit flight to the audience, and showed this sport from the basic step until the small tricks of flocking big ways.

Special jump of Gabor Verebes and Tiszó deserves particular attention. They wrote history with a wingsuit tandem jump, the X-wing. They wanted to realize Tiszó’s former idea, so one morning they got wingsuit and tandem gear and went for jumping. The performance was executed in an excellent way – some picture proved it.

This article must end with our acknowledgement. On the one hand, we express our appreciation to the sponsors, without their financial support we couldn’t get too far. On the other hand we thank those who, sacrificing their own free time and purse, contributed in the organization and realization, only in order to produce something really good. Special thanks to the two attractive judges, Barbi and Heni and also to Mónika and Bogi for the organizational support.

GoFast Magyarország Ltd , Salomon , Kapos Dropzone , BirdMan Inc. , Szörényi Vinery, Ikonterv Ltd, Hungarian Skydiving Association , MBSE-Hungarian BASE and Skydiving Club

         Name / Country               Suit type                Avarage of best 3 flights
1 - Verebes Gábor / HUN           Bird-Man S6                   3 300m
2 - Szörényi Csaba / HUN          Bird-Man S6                   3 080m
3 - Jarno Mccordia / HOL           Bird-Man Blade               3 077m
4 - Nemes Péter / HUN              Bird-Man S6-Blade          3 060m
5 - Sztojcsev Tamás / HUN        Bird-Man Blade               3 053m
6 - Kovács Gergely / HUN          Bird-Man S3-Blade          3 010m
7 - Uros Pras / SLO                    Bird-Man Blade              2 993m
8 - Balázs Edgár / HUN               Bird-Man Phi                 2 933m
9 - Pergaer Bozidar/CRO            Phoenix Vampire 2         2 913m
10 - Szilágyi Zalán / HUN           Bird-Man S6                  2 897m
11 - Bécsy Balázs / HUN             Bird-Man S6                  2 870m
12 - Vanja Siljak / CRO               Phoenix V1                   2 863m
13 - Markó Mikós/HUN                Bird-Man S6                  2 777m
14 - Koródi Péter/HUN                Bird-Man S3                  2 560m
15 - Balázs Mónika/HUN             Bird-Man S6                  2 460m
16 - Szabó László/HUN               Bird-Man S3                  2 440m
17 - Acimovic Branislav/SER       Phoneix Acro                 2 417m
18 - Richard Parkins/UKA            Phoenix V1-Acro           2 387m
19 - Kondákor Krisztián/HUN      Bird-Man S3                  2 187m
20 - David Karaffa/CZE               Bird-Man Classic            2 177m
21 - Pavel Karger/CZE                Bird-Man S3                 2 117m
22 - Giovanni Zarillo/VEN-ITA     Phoenix Acro                2 073m
23 - Csaba Humenyik/HUN-SWE  Bird-Man S6                 2 010m
24 - Andor László / HUN              Bird-Man S3                 1 973m
25 - Dolhai Zoltán/HUN              Brid-Man Firebird          1 803m
26 - Vujcic Ana / SER                 Phoenix Phantom          1 767m
27 - Győri Tamás/ HUN              Intrudair trekszuit         1 610m
28 - Bálint Lukas Máté / HUN      Intrudair trekszuit         1 443m
29 - Jászai Béla / HUN                Bird-Man Phi                 1 343m
30 - Maráczi Mónika/ HUN          Intrudair trekszuit          829m