WS Boogie Hungary - 2008

It is again July, again sweltering heat and of course again Wingsuit Boogie in Hungary: The Second International Wingsuit Competition was settled in Kaposújlak DZ, between 10-13th of July 2008 by our sport club, MBSE. After success of the first and definitely pioneer competition realized in Hungary in 2007, the present contest was not only about creating a high standard event but to raise the bar a notch. Well, according to the atmosphere of the competition, the final results and feedbacks of the participant, we dare say we did it!
The most important and joyful fact was the crowded field which was half as big again than it was in the previous year. From the 50 originally applicants 39 competitors entered into the event that came from 7 countries. While last year we could try our strength only in wingsuit flight, this year we opened a special category for trackers. So, the program became more colourful and circle of the potential competitors grew wider since this new category was open for the less experienced skydivers too. New models of the various producers had represented in the event, like: BirdMan S8, PF Stealth and TonySuit Super Mach1. It was remarkable that newness of the last year by BirdMan, the Blade was really popular. All these facts foreshadowed a picture of a grave so happened.
Definitely progress was seen by the results: comparing with the average of last year, the advance was around 20% that, even if the flight efficiency is influenced by various weather conditions, we believe that it was largely due to the pilots and their suits.
Tristan Whitmarsh from Netherland reached the best result – and of course the first place - in Wingsuit flight with his huge winged TonySuit. He exceeded the 4000m two times in amazing way between the two set altitudes; starting at 3000m and ending at 1500m above the ground. Nobody could foresee this result as well as Gábor Verebes would fly 2 200 m average with wingsuit reaching better result than one third of the wingsuit field! So, there is no question, he became the champion of this category. Nemes “Kéosz” Peti’s achievement was also outstanding, as with BirdMan Blade suit he could keep up with Pergaer Bozidar, who flew with super big suit and with Tristan too. Finally, Peti won the Hungarian champion title and the absolute third place.
Shaping of the spot was more professional than last year, which was due to the tent rented from Red Bull, the swoop filed closed round by Salomon flags, the covered packing-area made by Kapos DZ and last but not least to the coffee machine provided by Philips Hungary which did the competitors and the judges really good service during the 4 days. The paddling pool was also one of the best ideas, that we thanked to Csaber, father of the event. All these conditions provided really nice circumstances to the competitors, their friends and other part of the audience, so the landings were enjoyable from the pleasant shadow of the tents or cool water of the pool. Of course, the Szörényi Cellar ensured the great wines for the wine tastings this year too, and staying power of the sportsmen was proven by the longer and longer parties. The energy was high at the award ceremony as well and the following party lasted till morning. Prizes of the winners were offered by BirdMan, while in tracking category were provided by IntrudAir, but thanks to the other sponsors every participant could leave with some valuable trophy.
To sum up the event we can state that this year we could bring together a more prominent and serious competition and at least such a great party than last year, however it was difficult to outdo it.
After a few days of the competition grave appreciations came up on the international skydiving forums, it seems everybody left happily and with nice experiences and looking forward to attending the next event.
Sponsors who we could appreciate a lot again:
BirdMan Inc., Phillips Magyarország, Red Bull Hungary, Salomon, Kapos DZ, Minden Nap Kft., Outdoor Magazin, Incenteam Group, Szörényi Vinery, Hungarian Skydiving Association ~ Skydiving Commission, MBSE ~ Hungarian BASE and Skydiving Sport club , Jászai 007 Béla& Co. Rubber Loops and Other Equipment
Special thanks to the judges, who contributed to the success with their really hard work performed during all the 4 days: Eckstein Bucka Martina and Komlós Barbi!