WS Boogie - Hungary 2011

MBSE (Hungarian BASE and Skydiving Sport Club) is organizing 5th time, one of the biggest wingsuit and tracking competition on the world, the V. WINGSUIT Boogie and Competition Hungary 2011, for those who are addicted to human flight. From 2011, the event was renamed for the memory of our good friend, and wingsuit jumper Mike Markó, who won gold medal in 2010 in Hungarian Cup, and took overall bronze on last year’s competition. Considering the huge interest, this year we will jump 5 days long, from Wednesday morning until Sunday afternoon (10-14th of August). After last year’s good experiences, the event will take place again on one of the most beautiful drop zone in Hungary, on Siófok-Kiliti DZ, which is located very close to Lake Balaton, the famous Hungarian tourist site. This new DZ operates an MI-8 helicopter, with 29 jumpers in one load, in year 2011, flying to 4000 meters exit altitude. There will be free first flight courses, wide range of INTRUDAIR demo suits available, safety discussion and free consultation possibilities with experienced flyers and instructors from around the world during the 5 days long event. We are expecting all of the Hungarian wingsuit pilots and several experienced wingsuiters from around the world. Big ways will be organized and performance flying presentation will be held by Jarno Cordia, the factory pilot and chief instructor of Phoenix-Fly. Both non wingsuiter skydivers and spectators warmly welcome during the event. Live ENVOY concert at prize giving ceremony with the leading of our skydiver and BASE jumper friend, Gergő Kovács! Guest band: Lifejune.
Jump ticketes for competors: 22,5 Euro - 4000m
Prize money in wingsuit and tracking category!
If you need accomodation, please do advanced booking asap, the possibble rooms will fill up soon!
Furher details, competition rules enclosed.