WS Boogie - Hungary 2015

This year the Hungarian National Championship and Open Cup (30-31st July, Thursday-Friday), the FAIN, will be held according to the official FAI rules announced at the beginning of 2015. In addition for 7,5 days the regular Boogie rules from previous years will be applied in all other categories, in the two separate wingsuit category as well (intermediate and open). In 2015 there won’t be an artistic competition, the event will focus on performance flying and flock dives! Date: 25 July - 2 August 2015, location: KAPOS DZ, Kaposújlak, where jumps will happen from L-410 turbolet aircraft. At the beginning of the week (Saturday-Tuesday) the event will be combined with the 4. JBWC Big Way belly formation camp. Important, participants of the wingsuit competition can also attend the big way camp and belly flyers can also compete in wingsuit/tracking categories as well. During the 9-day event, like in other years, people who are interested will have the chance to learn from Hungarian and foreign instructors, we do free first flight courses and consultations. With the support of INTRUDAIR WINGSUITS, you can test any demo tracking and wingsuits for free all week. We’ll have the pleasure of guest star Rami Kajala (FIN) again, one of the world’s best trackers, who will do coaching jumps (tracking or wingsuit) during the whole event. Helmut Tacke (GER) will hold presentation of the official FAI competition rules, and talk about the different wingsuit flying techniques (distance, time and speed).

Competition rules and detailed information in the attachment below!