Intrudair and MBSE are proud to present the jubilee edition of the original Wingsuit Boogie and Competition for the 10th time in Hungary!

This year the event includes the 1st ever Croatian Wingsuit National Championship (3 rounds of distance flights), happens on the first weekend of the series, 23-24th of July.

For the boogie we keep on going with the same old boogie rules from previous years, applied in all other categories, but the Hungarian WS National the FAIN, will be held similar to the official rules, including speed, time and distance rounds on one specific day (29th of July, Friday). The event will focus on performance flying and flock dives, no artistic event this year either. Date: 23-31st of July, location: KAPOS DZ, Kaposújlak, where jumps will be made from L-410 Turbolet aircraft. With the support of INTRUDAIR WINGSUITS, you can test any demo tracking and wingsuits for free all week. This year we are dedicating the tracking category title to the memory of our friend, Rami Kajala, one of best trackers ever was born on planet. Flock dives and formation flights (second part of the week) will be organized by Jason Dodunski (AUS). Rules and schedule uploaded below, for more more info and update news please visit and check in the official FB page of the event HERE. Cya on site!