2012 Wingsuit Boogie details!

Wingsuit, Tracking and Naked Tracking Open and Hungarian Championship


MBSE (Hungarian BASE and Skydiving Sport Club) is organizing 6th time, the biggest wingsuit and tracking competition on the world, the VI. WINGSUIT Boogie and Competition Hungary 2012, for the human flight addicted. From 2011, the event was renamed for the memory of our good friend, and wingsuit jumper Mike Markó, who won gold medal in 2010 in Hungarian Cup, and took overall bronze on the competition of 2010. In year 2012, we combine 2 different wingsuit competitions during the 11 days long event. On first weekend we start with the 2way Artistic Comp, Performance Comp starts on 14th. After last year’s good experiences, the event will take place again on one of the most beautiful drop zone in Hungary, on Siófok-Kiliti DZ, which is located very close to Lake Balaton, the famous Hungarian tourist site. This unique DZ operates an MI-8 helicopter, with 29 jumpers in one load, flying to 4000 meters exit altitude. There will be free first flight courses, wide range of INTRUDAIR demo suits available, safety discussion and free consultation possibilities with experienced flyers and instructors from around the world during the 11 days long event. We are expecting all Hungarian wingsuit pilots and several experienced wingsuiters from around the world including the Flying Bulls WS Team from Austria, and Jarno Cordia, the factory pilot and chief instructor of Phoenix-Fly. Big ways will be organized and wingsuit flying presentation will be held by Jarno Cordia and team Flying Bulls.  Both non wingsuiter skydivers and spectators warmly welcome during the event. Live DJ party at prize giving ceremony!

The competition

The goal of the competition is to find out the flattest flying angle during free fall, is possibly done by competitors. The flying distance is measured with GPS units, fixed on the helmet or hand of jumpers. GPSs will be provided by organizers, and own units can be used, with min.1s signal. During the 4 competition days in wingsuit and tracking maximum 10 competition jumps allowed to do and minimum 4 must be done, the average result of the best 3 flights counts. In naked category 3 jumps must be done (no more possible!) and the best 2 average counts. In this year, measuring will be scored again within 1000m vertical distance, between 2800 and 1800 meters, with 4000 meters exit level. The winner is the one, who can reach the flattest average flight angle (longest distance) within a specified vertical distance. Warning! All jumps considered as a competition jump what is done with using GPS! If you bring up the unit, it must be given to the judges, even results are bad!


Please read DZ rules and check the maps of landing area and flying directions! You can dowload these documents at the end of this article!


1, NAKED TRACKING: For males: maximum one short (not longer then knees). Females: maximum one short (not longer then knees) + bras allowed (but not recommended-).

2, TRACKING: every kind of tracking or normal skydiving suit which not considered as a wingsuit, under the category of Prodigy (decision of the organizers).

3, WINGSUIT: Any type. Non commercial prototypes are allowed to use.

The three categories will be scored and prized separately, female and male jumpers will be judged together. All jumpers can attend in all categories. One registration fee covers all 3 categories!



INCREASED PRIZE MONEY IN CASH for WINGSUIT and TRACKING category! Wingsuit: 1st place: 400€, 2nd: 300€, 3rd: 200€. Tracking: 200-150-100€! Saint-n-Sinner jewellery and Intrudair underwear for the best 3 of NAKED TRACKERS! Medals for first 3 in each category!


Wingsuit category: Prize money! 400-300-200! Free jump tickets from Siófok-Kiliti DZ: 1st place: 6 pieces, 2nd Place: 4 pieces, 3d place: 2 pieces, + medals.
Tracking category: Prize money! 200-150-100! Free jump tickets from Siófok-Kiliti DZ: 1st place: 3 pieces, 2nd Place: 2 pieces, 3d place: 1 piece.  Tracking suits and street clothes for first 3 competitors, + medals. 
Naked tracking: Saint-n-Sinner jewellery, Intrudair underwear + medals.
Other prizes: T-shirts for all competitors with the logo of the event (who made at least 4 valid jumps) + medals for the winners of Hungarian Championship in WS category.
One free INTRUDAIR wingsuit and one free VIGIL AAD
will be drawn from all competitors of 3 categories!

Registration fee for the competition: 4000.HUF/15€ (including 1, 2 or all 3 categories!)

Registration on Siófok-Kiliti DZ, magnet card: 5000.HUF/20for a lifetime (until you lose it!). Jumpers out of competition with any licences and all visitors are warmly welcome to attend.


Jump tickets: Only for competitors, competition jumps: 23 – 4000 meters.
For non competitors or non competition jumps, regular price: 25
€ - 4000 meters.
With holding a VIP discount card (77 Euro for one season) 23
- 4000 meters.
The jump ticket prices can change according to the actual fuel price level!


- Wingsuit: According to the Hungarian regulations for wingsuit jumping, holding minimum FAI C licence (or min. 200 freefall skydives) is necessary!
- Tracking: FAI B licence (or min. 50 jumps) needed
- Naked tracking: minimum FAI A required (or min. 25 jumps)

Helmet, audible altimeter, wingsuit specific parachute, AAD, hook-knife, blue FAI licence and reserve packing documentation needed for all jumpers!

Location, date:

Siófok-Kiliti DZ (http://lhsk.hu/en/mi-8-boogie/location), 9-19th of August 2012.

Schedule: (For detalied schedule please see the attached document at the bottom of this artricle!)

08.08.2012. No jumping day, arrival of artistic competitors

09.08.2012. Practice and fun jumps all day (9.00-sunset), arrival of artistic competitors and judges

10.08.2012. Artistic competition jumps from 12.00-sunset

11.08.2012. Artistic competition jumps all day (9.00-sunset), in case of good weather at 22.00. on site, prize giving ceremony

12.08.2012. Rain day of artistic competition jumps, big ways, fun jumps all day (9.00-sunset)

13.08.2012. Practice and fun jumps all day (9.00-sunset), arrival of performance competitors and judges. Free beer party for competitors on site at 22.00.

14.08.2012. Performance competition jumps all day (9.00-sunset)

15.08.2012. Performance competition jumps all day (9.00-sunset)

16.08.2012. Performance competition jumps all day (9.00-sunset)

17.08.2012. Performance competition jumps all day (9.00-sunset)

18.08.2012. Performance competition jumps until 14.00. Fun jumps, big ways until sunset. Live concerts and grand prize giving ceremony on site at 21.00.

19.08.2012. Fun jumps, big ways all day (9.00-sunset). Sunset: Event closing.


Other programs, possibilities:

- Saturday night live DJ, outdoor party and grand prize giving ceremony!

- Balloon jumps every morning and evening (in case of good weather) from 2000m for 15.000.HUF or 50€

- Wine tasting of PÓCZ Winery and Szörényi Winery
- Badminton court
- Ping-pong

- Small pool for chill out
- Swimming in Lake Balaton at the Golden Beach of Siófok (approx.8km from DZ)

- Night life in Siófok

Accommodation possibilities:
Advanced booking strongly advised!

Accommodation on DZ in brand new wooden houses with air-condition and toilet/shower!
- in double rooms with toilet/shower

- house with 2 double rooms, own shower and kitchen
- brand new container houses with air condition, no toilet, no shower

- places for tents, caravan or sleeping in covered packing area available
Booking, prices, information:


Catering: Self catering. Warm meal for breakfast/lunch/dinner, cold food and drinks will be available in the bar and 2 restaurants of the DZ. For competitors mineral water for free of charge during the performance event.


Info, contact:

Csaba Szörényi, tel.: +36-30-2804854 (ws@wingsuitboogie.hu) www.wingsuitboogie.hu
Siófok-Kiliti DZ:
www.mi-8boogie.hu, www.kiliti-airport.hu


Sponsors, supporters:
INTRUDAIR Wingsuits, RED BULL Hungary, MI-8 BOOGIE–Artic Group Kft., Philips, VIGIL AAD, Pepsi, Icarus Canopies-NZ Aerosports, Hungarian Parachute Association, Paralog, MBSE, Flysight GPS, Pócz Winery, Angels’group, Saint-N-Sinner - www.tinati.hu, Corona – Qperator Kft., Rawa.hu