MBSE (Hungarian BASE and Skydiving Sport Club) was third on the world (after Germany and Russia) who organized a worldwide competition in wingsuiting in 2007, in this fresh new discipline of skydiving. From 2007 we are organizing this spectacular event every year at end of July or beginning of August, for those who are addicted to human flight. The event became shortly (considering the number of competitors) one of the biggest skydiving wingsuit and tracking competition on the planet!

The goal of the competition is to find out the flattest flying angle during free fall, is possibly done by competitors. The flying distance is measured with GPS units, fixed on the helmet or hand of jumpers. GPSs will be provided by organizers, and own units can be used, with min.1s signal. During the 7 days of the competition maximum 10 competition jumps allowed to do, minimum 3 must be done. The average angle of the best 3 flights counts.

Jumpers out of competition with any licences and all visitors are warmly welcome to attend for no charge!